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Old Film
Old Film


Para-Vision :

Using the most advanced digital infrared video system,

Para - Vision has video taped hours of Entity Consciousness.

From houses to businesses the video camera does not lie. Each of our Clients have seen the proof that Consciousness can roam free on the earth plain.

There have many to deny the evidence, but they just can't take their eyes off the television set.

This scientific repeatable method can be done anywhere at all most anytime.

Para - Vision has the simplest and the safest method of any Professional Paranormal Investigation Society. Using Scientific Equipment and Professional

Dowsing Methods we can make conclusions that no one else can find.

If you are very intrested in the truth about the real energy of the Consciousness then this is the web site for you. If you are just ghost hunting then you will find us alittle too advanced.

The truth is the same for everyone, and there is only one truth.

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