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Para - Plasma Physics

99% of the normal reality is Plasma, our research as lead us into a realm that relates to plasma energy matrix. Consciousness as Para- Vision unstands it is 99% harmonicaly based Microwave Thermal Dynamic Energy Plasma.

All matter travels in waves there is no other way for it to exist or travel.

We start with Enstein's famous equation which related energy 'E' of an object to its mass 'm' and the speed of light 'c'.

E=mc2 / = / mc2=E

The speed of light 'c ' can also be expresed as

c = f h

where 'f ' is the frequency of the light and 'h' is its wavelength.

The same holds true for the state of Consciousness.

C = f h

a = f h

Where 'C' is the wave packet of consciousness and 'f' is the frequency and 'h' is the wavelength of its total harmonic wavelength of energy.(Dr. Lynch equation for consciousness copyrighted 2000)

As partical momentum increases, its associated wavelenght decreases. We can see clearly that consciousness is the inverse of the equations that apply directly to partical matter.

Consciousness is in a energy frequency state of harmoic wavelengts in its natural state of motion and existance.

The Consciousness State has no time because it is only energy in motion is very close to that of the speed of light with an adjusted electromagnetic sphere.

"One day is to a thousand years.." in this observation of Heaven the mind is a constant and partical matter is in a motion.

The motion of partical matter is slower than that of Consciousness therefore the theory of realitivity still applies in this case.

Mind moving at the speed of light = no time.

Objects moving slower than that of light are seen as in motion. Thus time only applies to the slower objects.

As partical matter changes its motion we see the realm of the Dark Matter that lies between the reality that we are in and the Outer Field Effect seen with video taping Orbs. The Orbs are ripping through the Dark Matter and creating a ripple or wake in the very substance that we call reality.

Therefore our realiy is not as dense as the construct of the Anatomy of an Orb.

Dark Matter is just an soft energy filler to keep our dimension stable and in motion.

Dr. Michael Lynch 2002 april 15.

Magnetosphere substructure is equal to a normal electromagnetic Planet Magnetospheres.

The Midsection of the Orbs shown in the Photo above have a mid-section called a TORUS. This Torus section is the Ionic displacement Layer

of an orb. Now the physics of nature is ths same for all electromagnetic fields.

This also concludes the electromagnetic substructure for our univese is the same. To exist in three dimension you need to mantain a electromagnetic field in order to remain stable.

Orbs are stable just like Planets are stable in three dimensional space.

The fabric of space is the same when moving through it the bubble created by thought or by consciousness is the same as the laws that govern astrophysics.

Michael Lynch Ph.D. 2002

With new ideas of a electrical universe taking shape it becomes more self evident that with the Super Symmetry equations and the electrical field theory the math proves that if the "wake " in the fabric of space exist then the object that made the wake is real and has a "Electrical Potential" that can be equated to a real energy potential of electro-stactic amounts.

As comets have an effect on the fabric of space as they pass through it, so does the "Orb Structure" as it passes through the space of a house.

When the Orb passes through our medium in a forward path the layers of energy show up as on the graph to the right.

Number 1. Ionic displacement layer.

Number 2. Is the atmosphere direction and motion as the Orb moves forward.

Number 3. Is the Outer Field Effect creating the high denisity electrical value of the outer layer with the speed of the object.

The greater the speed the more

solid the layer appears.

Number 4. Is the Ionic Displacement Layer Wake which stablizes the electromagnetic field for the Ionic Plasma Layer as it passes through the air.

This layer is a sensor layer for the Central Matirx.

Number 5. Is the beginning of the major part of the Electrical Drag that is caused by the rapid electrical discharge of the change in potential difference of the medium of space that it is in and the direction and speed of the object.

Number 6. Is the vortex of energy spining created by the vast speed of the Orb.

In this way many Orbs seem to flicker as they are in motion the vortex creates a segimented tail which appears as a photographic

effect. This vortex tail causes the long tale in many still photos. At this time it is unknown if a gravity pocket is being created or not.

Electronic Pulse / Electronic Voice /

Electronic Phenomena

With this new research it becomes possible for the Outer Magnetosphere to create a form of sound. By using the enviroment and it's speed to produce a waveform in air , or in other words "sound".

With this type of unique electromagnetic energy, it might be possible to produce a magnetic waveform to effect a recording device or recording unit such as a Microphone or Recording Head. In the digital and or analog world this would be a subsonic sound or an electromagnetic waveform. In both cases none could be heard by the human ear.

When Solar Winds which is a very weak charge or photons hit the Magnetosphere of the Earth they produce very simular sounds. In the electromagnetic and sub-sonic ranges.

Please Listen to this sound from the Lion's Roar as Solar Winds pass through the Megnetosphere of the Earth.

It sounds like a human talking very slow. Quicktime file from NASA.

In many EVP recordings the problem develops with the strength of the signal and the range of the signal. If we look a the idea of a electromagnetic waveform then there should be more than enough energy to create several thoughtforms into electromagnetic energy and transmit the signal on a regular bandwith.

This is not the case via audio recordings. Only small bits of words or sounds are created and received.

The Outer Magnetosphere of planets in our solar system is a very simular plasma field as the Magnetosphere that surounds the energy that is Consciouness. If we apply this type of information to the EVP problem then the answer will lie in the multichanneling for audio and digital sound recordings that are produced by the Magnetosphere of an Orb drectly into sound or electromagnetic pluse.

Please Listen to Earth's "Chorus" this sounds very close to a ghostly chours EVP. Quicktime file from NASA

Please Listen to Jovian "Chorus" this sounds very much like ghostly birds EVP. Quicktime file from NASA

When a Psychic channels a Ghost it talks one on one using the same type of waveform signal energy. Thoughtforms are broken down into Electromagnetic Signals which contain ideas and all are energy waves.

The energy frequency and the waveform must be the same and equal to the frequency from point to point in order to commuicate. This point is the key of many ghost investigations making contact is only possible when a connection is made.

Without a energy feedback of anykind the energy signal will be impossible to be understood or recorded.

Solar Wind Sounds from Nasa

Sounds from Cassini space craft

Space Sounds from University of Iowa

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